Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get finance to buy a car or motorbike? And how much can I borrow?

Are there any extra costs or arrangement fees?

How quickly can the finance be sorted?

I've heard about PCP. How is that different from HP? And what sort of finance do you provide?

Can I pay off the debt early?

What if I struggle to make the repayments?

What if I've got negative equity?

Can I get finance if I've had financial problems in the past?

I'm a learner driver. Can I take out finance to buy a car?

I'm retired or a student. Can I take out finance to buy a car?

Do you provide personal loans for other things?

What do you do with my personal information?

Can I buy a car from any dealer?

If I have my car on finance with you, can I change my car before the finance is paid off?

What does "responsible lending" and "treating customers fairly" mean?

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What if I'm not happy with the way I've been treated? 

It's really important to us that you are happy with the service we provide.
But sometimes things go wrong and we need to know when we've fallen short of your expectations, so that we can put things right and make sure it doesn't happen again.
If you think you've not been treated fairly, we hope you'll get in touch.
You can email, phone, text or write to us to let us know how we fell short of your expectations and how that has affected you. 
We'll initially get in touch with you to see if we can resolve your complaint straight away. This is usually best acheived by speaking on the phone. 
Failing that, we'll respond formally within 6 weeks, but often within just a few days.

If you're still not happy with our response, you can escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. To find out more, click the link below

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