Affordability is key to providing finance.

If a lender doesn't carry out an assessment to show affordability, it's not complying with current regulations and could be an "irresponsible lender".
To show affordability, the lender has to be satisfied that the customer can meet current financial commitments and that taking on the new commitment won't put that in jeopardy.... even if living costs increase.

We'll need your help, so that we can help you.
We'll ask you to provide evidence of your income and a recent bank statement, This will help us confirm your income and check that you are able to meet your current commitments.
Sometimes this can seem a bit intrusive. But we need to go through this process to ensure that we comply with regulations.
Every lender has this responsibility. Some of them rely on data from Credit Reference Agencies. But we take the time to look beyond that. 
So if you have unusual circumstances or have had money problems in the past, we can look in detail at your situation to find a car finance solution that is affordable. 

We can take the time to listen to you and understand your circmstances. So call us to find out more.

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We're local
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We will treat you fairly and take the time to listen to you
So if you're looking for vehicle finance, tailer-made to your needs: